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DIY Camp

This online session of camp will feature arts and crafts that you can assemble and create with ease. From clay creations to room banners and much more, this week will be chocked full of creative fun!

*All materials will be delivered before the start of the week, and zoom link sent at that time as well.


DIY Maker Camp

Campers will enjoy our afternoon session, DIY Maker camp! This session will include arts and crafts of projects like perler bead creations, shrinky dinks, air dry clay creations, and much more!

*All camps will split into more than one class once we reach 8 participants in each group


Engineer Inventor

Young engineers of all ages will have a blast at this week of inventing and creating toys and other fun structures. The take-homes are fantastic in this camp! From balloon cars to catapults and much more, they'll have hours of fun even beyond camp time!

Almost Edible Art


Your artist will have a fun week creating works of art that look good enough to eat. From a juicy burger to a still life of a fruit bowl, air dry clay treats and more, this week is sure to delight the foodie artist.

Chef Camp

Your budding chef will LOVE this food prep and kitchen safety week of camp, it's one of our most popular options! Snacks will *probably* not be needed this week as we'll have SO much good food to taste. From smoothies to simple lunches to setting up a taco bar with all the fixings, campers will learn valuable daily skills and be eating well along the way!


Pastry Chef

Campers will explore the world of pastries with our dessert-filled afternoons. They'll design their own mini cakes and learn presentation of beautiful and decadent creations from pies to macarons and more!

Sports Medicine

Brand new for 2021, we're introducing this active and wellness week of camp where campers will learn how and why to take care of their bodies. From fixing the common injury to eating well and getting active, this camp will be non-stop fun! Inside or out, there's room to run and learn agility at this camp!

Around the World Art

Landscapes and landmarks from all over the world will be featured in this week of art camp. Grab your art passport on day 1 and get a stamp for each stop along the way!


Earth Exploration

Brand new for 2021, we're introducing this week of camp that will explore all the aspects of the earth around us. From weather to plants to creatures, we'll have tons of projects that celebrate natural science!

Animal Adventure Art

Animal enthusiasts will love this week of creating drawings, paintings, and more all featuring our favorite animals of all kinds.

Veterinary Medicine

Animal enthusiasts will love this week of learning to care for pets of all kinds. Always one of our most popular themes, with projects like making our own dog treats to simulating common infections and how to treat them, and making our own pet first aid kits! A visit from some animals and a trainer is always a hit!

Multimedia Art

Campers will learn all about creating a stop-motion film in this week of camp- from set design to character sketching and finally creating out of clay, students will film and present their short story at the end of the week and celebrate all the creations!


Starting with the basics of circuitry, all the way to working on their own robot build for the week and much more in between, robotics enthusiasts will love this technology- themed week of creativity.

Chemistry Concoctions

Bubbling mixes and radical reactions will make campers ooh and aah with delight as we explore the most exciting parts of science!

Murder Mystery Investigation

A classic case of "Whodunnit?" will unfold this week as campers try to solve using skills they'll learn like dusting for fingerprints, finding clothing fibers and hairs, and other CSI unit skills!

STEAM Mash-up

In tradition for the end of the summer, we end in a MASH up of all the best of STEAM! Some robotics one day, a little cooking the next, perhaps a visit to the Jurassic era and then a stop in space! The adventure is endless, even if the summer is not!

*If your child has dietary restrictions or allergies please include that information on your online registration form.*

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