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After-School Programs

Programs change Seasonally.

STEM : Grossology

(Grades K-5)

This season of STEM will make you say “Ewwww that’s gross!” in the best way possible. With projects like slime snot and diaper polymer dissection we’ll uncover the icky but useful way science works all around us!

Petri Dish
Art Class

ART : Seasonal Sensations

(Grades K-5)

This fall we are featuring all the best that the season offers. From the colors of the leaves to pumpkins and gourds, we’ll watch the seasons change right before our eyes as we capture it in our drawings, paintings, and many other creative ways!

Chemistry Class

STEAM : Grossology


Designed just for our youngest explorers, we’ll combine science and art to uncover the sometimes icky but useful way science works all around us! From worms to toad homes and much more, we’ll create fun along the way!

Acrylic Artists

(Grades 3-8)

These courses are specially designed for students who have a desire to learn how to paint with confidence. Our acrylics classes will lead students to express their own individual creativity with our developed methods. Paintings are done on canvas and will take 1-2 class periods to complete.


Intro to Robotics


This class is an introduction into the world of robotics! A few of our projects include : basics of circuitry, engineering a robot habitat, building a robot that can move.. and more!

Building Robot
Technology Class

Circuits & Robotics 


This unique class combines elements of basic robotics with introductory circuitry. Students will use LEGO WeDo 2.0, which will enable them to explore the building blocks of coding. From simple drag and drop interfaces to developing more complex algorithms, kids explore the world around them and bring their ideas to life with code. They will also work with the smaller than a golf ball, Ozobot, as they continue to explore coding and programming. After working with LEGO robotics and Ozobots for a few classes we will move onto circuitry. Students will learn basic circuitry using wires, batteries, lights, and more. Throughout the session they will build and engineer take home robots that move along with other new and exciting circuitry projects!

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